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​Client Testimonials


"DDBS was the difference between the success and failure of Makkoy, INC. We were at a point where we knew we had a groundbreaking product and it was that simple. It was exciting when we started out; everything just seemed to fall into place. The clients rolled in and signed up and we knew we had made it! Then something weird happened, things just seemed to become stagnant. We were where we were but there was no potential for growth. I mean, how would we reach more people? How does this idea become a national business? It suddenly clicked… so many people have ideas; all the little stores on every corner had someone with an idea standing behind it but what next? How do you move to the next level? I was completely stuck and ready to give up… Then I was introduced to DDBS. From our very first meeting, it was clear that she was fully vested in Makkoy and saw potential that I was too blind to see. The discovery session packed with questions that made me think of Makkoy in a way that I never had. I had to break down every aspect of the business, from costs, to competitors, to explaining what Makkoy really was and so much more. It was basically explaining Makkoy from my perspective. What came next was unreal and worth every penny. It was a meeting with my consultant who had clearly been obsessing over my business. She and her team had put together a presentation that from my experience with 500 enterprises, I knew was fit for their CEOs. In it, they redefined EVERYTHING that Makkoy stood for. I say redefined only because it is difficult to comprehend how the random language I used during our discovery session had translated to this amazing detail and given new meaning. All of a sudden, I had the tools I needed to move to the next level. I now had clear language to communicate all that Makkoy is and more importantly strategy to move Makkoy to the next level. I got detailed recommendations and specific steps to take. They were simple actionable items that have transformed my business. As if all that was not enough, one of the most valuable things that happened was a reset in my mindset. DDBS taught me to stop thinking like a small local business and start thinking like my national and international competitors. The results speak for themselves: increased clientele, product offerings and so much more. DDBS is personal, effective and much more than your data driven business consultant, they are more like your business partners. They will do all it takes to help you succeed and as long as you take their recommendations and run with it, Trust me, you CANNOT go wrong with DDBS."
Moren. A. President and CEO, Makkoy Inc.

"Mystylepad had a high-profile presentation coming up in New York. DDBS helped streamline our message and highlighted the key selling points of the Mystylepad platform. DDBS helped us deliver a clear, precise, and compelling message about the Mystylepad platform. Through the services provided by DDBS we were able to generate strong feedback and interest about the Mystylepad platform.  

DDBS was very detailed in their approach. They listened to our business idea and took time to understand the business proposal. DDBS was very detailed in its analysis of the business and also gave strategic recommendations on certain aspects of the Mystylepad platform. Thanks for all your hard work.

Co-Founder, Mystylepad 

“DDBS is a cutting edge Business consulting firm that helps substantially drive value driven Business practices in any industry. As a startup day care service provider, we needed to make important strategic decisions on pricing, location and roll out strategy. DDB helped us come up with an effective plan on each of these key points of business in the early years of our Business. They helped us avoid a number of pitfalls that many child care providers inevitably fall into in this extremely regulated industry. As a result we have been successful in driving effective business operations in a highly regulated and competitive business environment like the child care industry. They come highly recommended.”
Obi. M Chief Financial Officer – Golden Minds LC 


"I had an opportunity to ask for the services of DDBS in putting together my resume which I had tried several times to do on my own but kept fallng short in that attempt. I was amazed by the extremely superb and highly professional work that was delivered to me by this team. There is no doubt that this is a very competent and highly knowledgeable, and skilled group of people who can make the difference as they have done in my case. Therefore, I am highly honored to recommend the services of this firm to anyone who really wants to get it down right the first time."
Chris Babundo MA, MBA

"I considered myself generally knowledgeable about resumes and the employment search process So the reasons for little to no traction in the job frontier eluded me. I later discovered that even though I was conveying one thing, the hiring manager was seeing something entirely different. DDBS uncovered those opportunities, we put a plan in place, and got positively different results. Within a week, I had several recruiter-initiated inquiries in my inbox. They took a practical approach to my branding because they bring relevant real-world hiring experience. It's refreshing to seek help from someone who hires and staffs hundreds of candidates. I highly recommend them because at the moment of decision, hiring managers don't always give you the benefit of the doubt.. and that's if they connect with you in the first place. The team was prompt, attentive, and personable"
Amechi B., MA MBA candidate

“In any business information is key. DDBS uncovered my CVP so I can spend time doing what I do best. They understood my market and dissected my current business processes. We were able to quickly identify inefficiencies and implement focus programs that bring value to my clients. Our goal has always been to maximize productivity and with the visual data deck developed by this team, my decisions are much more effective."
Christopher.U CEO – C4 Music Group

We had a DDBS consultant come out and speak to the women's group at our church about Entrepreneurship. She have us insight regarding what it really means to own a business in today's market. But not just to start a business, but sustain our passion. She empowered our woman to overcome the fear and the 'disgrace' factor. We learned how to determine if we need to create an exit strategy or revisit business strategy. Our women left delighted and sought after her to have their individual questions answered. She was truly a blessing to our women."
Kemi Heaven’s Glorious Embassy Church, Plano TX

During one of our seminars, a DDBS Strategist did a presentation on profiting from our passion. Our members learned how to monetize skills with proper planning. She encouraged private mini sessions, free of charge, after her presentation.
J.A Redeemed Christian Church, Addison TX